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Springfield Creek Basin Sewer Project

The Southern Sarpy County Regional Wastewater System - Phase 1A: Springfield Creek Interceptor Sewer Project is happening in the Springfield area. Portions of the Mo-Pac trail are affected by the project. Please use caution during the construction phase. For more information on the project:

Sarpy County Waste Water Agency





History Softball1990

Springfield Lady Palamino Softball. team practice before the State Softball Tournament. Kim Morgia catches a gorundball.

 Springfield 46 Baseball and Senior Girls Palamino Softball team hosted the Lady Palamino State Softball Tournament on July 7 – July 11, 1990. It was the first ever time for the event to be held in Springfield. Games were played at Buffalo Park, City Park and Springfield Elementary. Springfield team members playing included: Jodi Evans, Gina Hansen, Kandi Turner, Kim Morgia, Helen Henson, Michelle DeMarque, Jacqui Peacock, Amy Eickhoff, Chantel Goldman, Molly Paltani, Mandy Mann, and Cindy Crawford.




Springfield Check-Off

Ironic that we wait for the temperatures to go up in the spring so our ground temps will warm and we can finally get put plants in the ground. Now the temperatures are in the 100's and we are watering two to three times a day. Oy!
Here are some things we now may need to remember to do: 
1. Water your lawns and shrubs and make sure you check watering needs. You can do the tuna can check or poke a screw driver into the lawn and see if your screw driver is wet. Fertilize zoysia grass. Check lawns for brown spots and other foliage diseases.
2. Check tomatoes for suckers. You can start picking the ones too close to each other to increase growth.
3. Determine if your lawn mower blades need to be sharpened (3" - 3 1/2" mowing height)
4. When you water, let it run for a little out of your hose so your not watering with too hot a temp. We generally put water in jugs the night before to bring to outside temp. (This is mostly for containers) 
REMEMBER TO WATER FROM BELOW to protect against again those rots and spots.
5. As far as your fireworks damage to your lawn, make sure and clean up all debris, water it down so any remaining chemicals from the fireworks won't sit and damage vegetation. Dispose the fireworks properly.
Grow Green and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!
Gentle reminder: Found these in our frog yard decoration this morning. Be aware of what you do in your garden areas so you're not sitting near these "neighbors". Watch where you place your hands or what might be under or inside objects this time of year. Also make sure your spray cans work ahead of time. I am all about protecting the pollinators and most insects, but what a way to wake up when your watering early.
These are paper wasps, by the way. Considered to be beneficial and make umbrella nests.






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Cornhusker Country Music Theater

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“A party without a cake is really just a meeting.”

~Julia Child


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